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Our Action;
Our Future

A battle cry for global solidarity centered around Agroecological-based solutions that will uplift the most vulnerable and allow Mother Earth and all that inhabits her to heal through deploying this holistic food ecosystem one region at a time.

We know the solution.
Now is the time.
On this solution!

A non-profit organization headquartered in Washington DC that is bringing together likeminded leaders and advocates from around the world to drive the necessary change that is embodied in:

seven key principles of agroecology
seven key principles of agroecology
Fairness for Farmers

Opportunity for Farmers

 Where it is economically feasible for farmers to grow quality, healthy foods with environmentally kind production practices

Local & Diverse

Local & Diverse

 Moving away from commoditized crop monocultures and into a viable future that has the infrastructure
necessary for regionalized multi-species production, processing, and distribution

Wellness for All

Wellness for All

Addressing “nutrition insecurity” as accessibility and affordability must provide more than mere caloric intake to effectively serve as our first and most important defense to combat disease and malnutrition


We are not only spreading the word that is supported by independent non-biased science; we are proving that
a food system founded upon agroecology can and will feed our growing population

Socially Just

Socially Just

Empowering the people regardless of our different backgrounds, opinions, and socio-economic status to take a stand


Reallocating the risk and profits properly along each phase of the food supply chain as our stewards of the land and work force must receive reward for their sacrifice and efforts

One Earth

One Earth

Coming together as one human race; one ecosystem; one planet as we must embrace the important role we can each play in influencing necessary changes in global regulations and policies through how we spend our own resources and time

The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.

This movement will reverse the impacts our modern-day agricultural system has had on the plants, animal, people, and our beloved planet.

Empowering the small, embracing
our differences and igniting
the execution of the known solution
through the deployment
of our seven-step system:


of Authenticity


Policy & Government


Micro Lending


Legal Fund


Research, Education
& Demonstration


Land Fund


WAEA Youth Ambassador Program

Our Voices

Empowering small

WAEA’s mission speaks to alleviating the unprecedented and various systemic obstacles to the traditional expertise, honest and fresh produce, and prosperity of the American family farm–and the associated stability in rural culture and economy. To educate and communicate our early U.S. successes in providing education, technical assistance, and real-time demonstration and marketing skills to up-and-coming and intergenerational small farmers, we need to support a modest WAEA Heartland office. We have travel-to-farm expenses, supply and equipment needs, core staff needs, as well as educational and marketing materials and multi-media outreach expenses.

Please support our ritical work for small farmers
by registering for membership and by donating!

Please join us in the movement towards a more humane and just world where together we can and will right the wrongs.